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What are different types of WordPress plugins

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What plugins does wordpress offer out of the box? Well, it depends on what version you are using. If you are running wordpress 4 or later then you should already have most of these installed. Let’s see…

what are the different types of plugins
wordpress plugins


This plugin allows you to rate posts and comments. You can set different thresholds for how many votes a post needs before you count it as “approved”. Then when a comment is left on your site, if that post has an approval threshold of 3, the comment will be approved automatically without any intervention from you!

W3 Total Cache

This one is not a free plugin but I highly recommend this one! It speeds up your website by caching all static files (CSS/JS/Images). In addition, it also compresses your images which will speed things up even more. And finally, the best part about WP Total Cache is that it integrates perfectly into wordpress! So no need to install anything else.

W3 Total Rebuild

The same as above except instead of just CSS, JS, Images, etc., this plugin rebuilds them to make sure they are as optimized as possible.

W3 Super Cache

Another great solution to speeding up your site. As we saw above, this plugin caches everything so there is very little to do other than turn off your browser cookies now and then.

Simple Google Analytics Tracker

This tracks how users use your site. Very useful if you want to measure traffic and which pages get visited often.

SEO Friendly urls

I don’t know why this isn’t built into wordpress but I like that this plugin adds SEO-friendly links to your urls.


I love this plugin because it helps prevent spam on my blog. I’ve been getting lots of spam lately so this helps me tremendously.

WP-DB manager

You might think that sqlite would work fine for wordpress sites since it’s a native database engine, however, a lot of people find themselves having issues dealing with tables. That’s where this plugin comes in handy. It lets you manage your entire mysql database through PHP and makes it easier than ever to back up and restore databases. Plus, you can configure advanced queries to check specific columns or rows within those tables.

Yoast SEO

This plugin was created by the guy who made the popular wordpress SEO Plugin called All in One SEO Pack. It’s designed to help you focus on writing better content while still being able to optimize your site for search engines.


This plugin automates the process of generating a custom CSS file from your theme settings. Most themes include a setting for defining colors, fonts, background images, font sizes, and a bunch of other options. Simply plug in the values and click save. If you change your mind you can always go back and edit it again.


This plugin provides access to plugins written for wordpress MU. This means you have access to hundreds of plugins that were developed specifically for wordpress Multisite.


This plugin is what powers e-commerce applications for wordpress such as Shopify, Big Cartel, Volusion, etc…

Shortcodes Ultimate

Add shortcode support for nearly all functions available in wordpress including widgets, sidebars, menus, forms, galleries, recent posts, categories, tags, archives, and much more.

Advanced Custom Fields

This plugin has a ton of features including drag-and-drop fields, dynamic labels, field groups, and much more. This is a must-have plugin.

ACF Slider Pro

This is an easy way to create slide shows using the Advanced Custom Field (ACF) plugin.


A free template system for wordpress. It allows you to choose different styles for each page on your website. Then you select which style you’d like displayed when viewing that particular post. Very cool!

Beaver Builder

This is a visual drag-and-drop builder for creating websites. Not only does it allow you to design layouts quickly but it also generates code automatically. Very cool!


Plugins can also be downloaded directly from their respective developer sites. This way you don’t have to rely on third-party sources for updates. what are the plugins that you learnt today!


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