Owned by a non-profit organisation called the WordPress Foundation (W.P.F), word press is an open source website building software. It has off late become one of the most popular and long serving website construction platforms that continues to grow in leaps and bounds.

 The sole purpose of this piece is to demystify word press as well as giving a detailed and balanced understanding on how the platform operates


WordPress is an online website building platform that can be used for the construction of web pages and blog platforms. This platform has always been continuously updated and optimized to allow easy use and understanding hence it can be used for both personal and corporate purposes as it actually has no limit as to who can use it and for what purposes.

WordPress and Business

Since business is completely going digital, word press has made it actually easy, safe and viable to conduct business online in as far as its e-commerce section is concerned.

WordPress provides for e-commerce services for its users through a platform called Woo Commerce. Woo Commerce a business platform within word press that allows for a company website to be customized for electronic sales. 

In other words, woo commerce can just be viewed a digital market place where businesses are provided with a safer, transparent and effective manner of interacting with their clients for the purposes of making business transactions as it allows for monetary exchange online which referred to as e-commerce as alluded to in the earlier stages of this article.

 Woo Commerce powers an estimated value of more than 42% of all e-commerce websites making it the biggest platform within the field.

WordPress and Online Safety

Given its ease of use, many people have doubted the security features of word press in building up websites and blogs. This is due to the fact that malware attacks are a common feature in the digital world and word press is not an exception.

 One has to understand that word press a very secure platform as the site has enlisted the services of Sucuri which is a specialised online security provider whose services span from monitoring word press services as well as protecting it against various web threats that one can encounter online thus making it safe and easier to use. 

Like other online platforms, WordPress can also be secured through the use of key online safety practices like the use of strong passwords.

Besides providing a platform for website construction, Word Press also provides a whole lot more in as far as its services are concerned. There are platforms like WPBeginner Dictionary which provides a full glossary of the most used words on WordPress making it easy for one to quickly grasp WordPress diction. Like most business platforms WordPress also provides its users with special promotional discounts like WPBeginner deals which provides a number of discounts for beginner users to access certain plug-ins and new products on the scene.

The major advantage with WordPress that makes it worth trying for everyone is that is a free platform but can bring forth loads of benefits to its users.