The digital era has seen the migration of salient features of business conduct to a more effective and sophisticated way of doing business transactions as well as how it is administered as a whole.

 One of the key structures of business that have completely gone digital is marketing and this has given birth to a technological term widely known as digital marketing. In the execution of their digital duties, marketing personnel usually employ another discipline within their discipline and this is called Search Engine Optimization normally referred to as SEO.

 The major aim of SEO is optimizing content shared via websites to make it more visible and active resulting in return of investments. SEO is a broad field that has sub structures that build it up into a compact main structure. One of these key sub structures is interlinking and this articles aims at giving a clear definition of interlinking as well as its importance in improving ranking in as far as SEO content marketing is involved.

What Interlinking Entails

Interlinking is a process whereby an internal link is created for the purposes of connecting a certain web page within a particular website to a different section or page within that same website.  The fact that the process happens on the same website acting as the primary source explains the whole aspect of interlinking since the whole process is conducted internally.

Key Steps in Effective Interlinking

Interlinking is one of the key skills that a digital marketer is supposed to understand and this can only do if one thoroughly understands of the groundwork that needs to be covered for the process to be conducted in a thorough and effective manner as to be outlined below.

Creation of loads of relatable content

Content is one of the key aspects of interlinking and various schools of thought actually refer to it as the life line of interlinking in SEO. This because without the necessary content, it will remain difficult to conduct the process. In this case there is need to create loads of content that should be tactically laid down to make it linkable online meaning that it should include long tail keywords to make the process more effective.

Use of relevant links

To allow for effectiveness the shared links need to be relevant to the content in discussion so that page viewers are not lost in the midst of following the links. Relevance is everything in interlinking.

Number of internal links for use

There is always reason to ensure that the number of links to be used in this process should be reasonable thus not too much or not too many. Use of too many internal links will result in monotony on the website and this will be detrimental in the whole aspect of interlinking.

Though there is no clear explanation of what entails too much or too little, one will just have to use their personal intuition to determine this but it should just be reasonable.