Transferring information from a WordPress site to a new host can be stressful and it is no easy task at all. During this process important data may be lost and never recovered which is the worst thing that can happen to anyone’s hard worked on content.

 However, the good news is they are methods that one can use to transfer the information without losing data. The article that follows clearly explains some of the easiest ways to transfer data without losing it.

Remove all plugins

When one is about to start with the transferring process one must remove plugins. This is so because a WordPress site is designed to transfer information without any challenges but some plugins do not have that option therefore data may be lost.

For one to remove the plugins one must: 

  • Go to the admin page 
  • Then click on Plugins 
  • Select Installed Plugins 
  • Then Mark all 
  • Bulk action 
  • You then Deactivate 
  • Finally click on Apply

Data backup

Most WordPress site backup data automatically however it is important for one to note that data must be backed up manually in this way data won’t be lost.

In order to get accurate data after a backup one must have followed all the steps that need to be used in data backup. The popular way of backing data manually is done through an application known as SQL. When using this application the WordPress site will download data automatically. One must constantly save changes to the SQL to avoid losing data, in case something goes wrong.

One must also have a WordPress installation folder saved on their computer to avoid losing data. A number of applications are used to backup data. These include FileZilla. It is popularly known as FTP and works well with WordPress site.

Using plugin as a backup

To be able to so this one must have the Updrafts plus Backup and Restoration plugin. When one installs the application one must activate it in order to use it.

After installing the Updrafts plus Backup one must do the following: Settings then click on Updrafts plus Backups, and then click the Backup.

The amount of time taken to prepare these documents depends in the size of the documents. The Updrafts plus Backup is a fast way of backing up data.

Uploading backup

Before one uploads the backup there are a few items that should be noted and corrected. One must log in to php My Admin of the new host and create a new database. One must always remember the name of the database.

Updating the file

Before one uploads the file one must always edit the document with the previously saved items in the WordPress site. This file is edited by the ZIP file and then locate the wp-config.php file and then one needs to edit it.

In summation backing up of data and uploading it can be stressful however when doing the process manually it becomes easier and faster therefore makes work easier. You can play online casino to refresh after learning these tips.