One key point to note in this digital phase of doing business is that in as far linking in Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O) is concerned there are various ways or routes by which content can be inter connected. 

Anchor linking is one of the most popular methods of linking that are of regular use in as far as SEO content marketing is concerned. This article aims at giving a thorough understanding of anchor linking as well as the benefits it comes with while at the same time looking at its key weaknesses.

What is Anchor Linking?

Sometimes referred to as jump links, anchor linking is the process of using linking in such a way that a user can easily jump to any desired section within a website or a specific. Having given this brief description, one must not be made to think that anchor linking is a complicated process. In laymen terms ancho linking can easily be viewed as the use or inclusion of a table of contents link within a web page.

The whole process helps enable page visitors or viewers to a specific key section of their interest within a web page. There are benefits and limitations of using this popular method and below is a brief outline of the key importance of anchor linking as well as its subsequent limitations.

Key Benefits of Anchor Linking

Enables easier navigation

The worst experience for internet users especially when they visit a particular website is not being able to clearly browse through the website easily so as to give them a quick idea of what is available within the page.

In this case anchor linking becomes the key manner by which a user can find it easier to go through a website because anchor links allow for easier much faster navigation.

Anchor linking is a time saver

Another clear advantage of anchor linking is that it is a term saving method in that having made it easier for the user to easily navigate through the website, loads of time would be saved since people always visit web pages for a limited time span hence the easier it is for one quickly navigate and browse through a website means a lot of their time will be saved especially if the website bears a lot of content.

Content arrangement

As alluded to in the earlier stages of this article, anchor linking can also be referred to as the use of links that act as a table contents like in textbooks, anchor linking allows for the easier arrangement of content within a website as content will be organised a per section making it easy to find as one can simply jump to a particular section of their interest.

Weaknesses of Anchor Linking

Though one may quickly buy into the idea of anchor linking, given its key benefits as stated above the process also has its short comings like any given system.

Despite saving time and all the key weakness of anchor linking is that it gives a limitation on the amount of time a user stays on a web page given how they can easily jump to a section of particular interest thus cutting down the time their scrolling time.